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Peter Greenhill was a sixties fashion and beauty photographer in the Advertising Business from 1966 until the beginning of the 1970's. Many of Peter’s photos have become 60’s icons and a select collection of these high quality photographic prints are for sale on this web site.

Celebrated models that Peter photographed include Joanna Lumley, Marisa Berenson, Celia Hammond, Sandra Paul who became Mrs Michael Howard, Shakira Baksh who married Michael Caine, Paulene Stone who married Laurence Harvey and Sarah Stuart who became Begum Aga Khan.

The photographs featured here include commissions for
Avon Cosmetics,  Berkertex,
C & A, Horne Brothers, STC, Frances Atherton, Jantzen, ITT, Vat 69, and Yves St. Laurent.

These were taken in London, England, Morocco, Sardinia, Tunisia and Palma Mallorca.

In September & October 2006 an exhibition of forty of the original bromide images of Peter's photography was displayed in a special "60's Photographer" show in Bournemouth. The opening was attended by sixties photographers, models, actors & designers. The show was the cover feature in the Daily Echo Magazine (Oct 21st-27th) entitled "Still Life, Iconic Images of the 60's".

Since 1977 Peter and his wife Gilly have been producing heraldic miniature figures for collectors (www.greenhillminiatures.com) and most of their work goes to the United States. In 1981 they moved from Wimbledon to Bournemouth. www.collectablethingummies.com

In recent years Photographic Images have become collectors items in the art world and appear in prestigious galleries around the world, including the Summer Exhibition at the Royal Academy of Arts where recently the photographic section sold out on the first day.

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